Training Packages

Make a commitment to change.


Individualized programming, injury recovery, 1- 3 sessions per week:

6 Pack: $75 per hour ($450)

12 Pack: $70 per hour ($840)


2 people with same general programming:

6 Pack: $85 per hour ($510)

12 Pack: $75 per hour ($900)

Groups and Series Classes

Group Training

3-5 people with same general programming:

6 Pack: $100 per hour ($600)

Series 1 - Intro to Weightlifting:


1:6 Coach to Client ratio. Introductory class for learning proper mechanics, safety, and foundational exercises for weightlifting.

** Must pass Series 1 to apply for Series 2 or other Series offerings!!

4 week: 2 sessions/week $140 per person


7:30AM on Mondays and Fridays.

Women’s ONLY Barbell Class!

MUST RSVP via Polar Flow:

Find the Club —>River Ridge Training Center

Sign up for the Class —> GWP Advanced Barbell

*Previous training experience required!

$20 Drop-in Fee

8 Pack = $130; 12 Pack = $190

**Can ADD access to App via A La Carte to any package.

***All packages expire after 90 days.

A La Carte

  • App access WITH training package: $45 per month

    • Includes 1-3 homework sessions a week on top of regular sessions

  • Monthly Programming on App: $95 per month

  • Monthly Programming plus 1 session: $150 (App or In-person)

    • 1 hour session (in person or Skype) + 4 week training program

    **ALL Monthly Programs are 4 weeks and include:

    • 2-5 workouts per week, 8am-7pm texting Monday-Friday, and 2 mandatory email or text check-ins a month

  • All participants are required to fill out the waiver on the bottom of this screen. GWalker Performance, LLC is not liable for any injury that occurs during exercise. Participants must have clearance from a doctor and/or understand the risks involved with physical activity.