Booking a Session

What to expect during our first session

My goal during our initial session is to obtain as much information about you as possible.


After completing the online forms (Waiver and Application) we will go over them together.


We will perform a basic movement screening. I want to see how YOU move and respond to my teaching cues. I will learn a lot about your movement patterns, injuries, and basic training knowledge during this screening.


If time and injury permits, we will do a simple workout. The movement screening helps me determine how your body moves with just your bodyweight. During this basic workout we will add dumbbells to some exercises to see how your body responds.

I have experience working with a variety of clients and want to do everything in my ability to meet my clients where they are in their fitness journey. One of our goals with training is to find how it fits in your life and suits your needs. Click the button below to schedule a 15 min FREE call today!