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Series Offerings

All series take place at Ladies Workout Asheville.

Squat Max $195

4 week Series - 2 sessions per week. Improve your Squat MAX! We will test your current Squat max (1-3 rep max) and then progressively overload for Weeks 2 and 3 before retesting your Max in Week 4!

Series 1: Intro to Weightlifting $135

4 week Series - 2 sessions a week. Learn or fine tune your weightlifting skills and knowledge. We will begin with the basics of safety, set-up, and mechanics and progress into developing a base for movements like the Clean, Snatch, Jerk, and Squat.

 Training Packages

1:1 Training

One-on-one sessions with Georgia. 55min of individualized programming for your needs. Includes a movement analysis with injury recovery or prevention, as needed. All packages expire after 90 days

Buddy Sessions

Train with a friend! Buddy sessions are designed to train with someone with a similar fitness level. Includes movement analysis with injury prevention and recovery, when needed. All packages expire in 90 days.

Group Training

Same general programming for 3-5 people. Great for training with friends! Includes movement analysis and injury prevention. All packages expire in 90 days. 6 sessions for $600

Monthly Online

4 weeks of an online training programs at your fingertips! Individually designed training programs delivered via training app platform. Can be set up on auto draft!

App Access

Add App access to ANY training package! App access will be renewed on a monthly basis and can be set up on auto draft. 1-4 extra sessions each week in addition to training with Georgia. App adds convenience and accountability to homework!