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Looking to sign up for Series Classes with GWP and LWA??

Series 1: Intro to Weightlifting - 4 week series (2 sessions/week)

Learn or fine tune the basics of weight training. We will work on safety, proper technique, and foundational exercises to learn the mechanics and build the systems for progressing lifts like the Clean, Snatch, Jerk, and Squat.

Series 2: DEADLIFT - 4 week series (2 sessions/week)


Must pass Series 1 or have approval from Coach to apply! This is an advanced class for working on your Deadlift! We will do maximal testing in Week 1, progressive tempo and overload in Weeks 2 and 3, and then testing again Week 4. We will breakdown and work on technique and learn accessory movements that aid in main lift performance.

Mondays and Fridays

7:30 am - Coach Georgia

Click the link below to enter LWA site for payment for Series 1 or email me directly for info! Series 2 applicants will pay GWP directly.